API Introduction

To access our web service API, you’ll first need to purchase a plan that supports web service access. You can purchase a plan here.

The web service is a RESTful API which is compatible with JSON and XML formats.  We recommend using the JSON format as it is a smaller payload and is not strongly typed as is XML.  However, we provide both formats for your preference.

Please make sure to keep your Web Service Key / API-Key private and in a safe place that is not accessible to unauthorized users or made public.  DO NOT share your Web Service Key / API-Key.  If someone else uses your Web Service Key they will abuse your available tracks and your account may be disabled.

DO NOT USE JavaScript to make calls to our web service since the Web Service Key would have to be stored in a publicly accessible area.  All web service calls to our API should be done from server side code such as C# or PHP.

You can view the API help page here.