PostalMate Integration

Integrate with PostalMate

If you use PC Synergy’s PostalMate software, you can integrate PackageMapping with the following steps:

The default tracking option in PostalMate is the Carrier’s website (Boo!).

Select “Other website (advanced)” to have tracking directed to your own website.


Other website (advanced):
The tracking number will link to whatever web page you specify, and be inserted into the proper place in the tracking feature. This is done by entering “%%TRKNO%%” into the URL.

If your website was “” and your Tracking Page was located at “/tracking” and you placed the PackageMapping Tracking Widget on your Tracking Page, then your tracking URL would be:

To automatically load the Tracking Number, you would append “?tn=%%TRKNO%%”.

Default Example:

To automatically load the Tracking Results using Automatic Carrier Detection, you would append “?carrier=auto&tn=%%TRKNO%%”.

Advanced Example:

Note: In the Default Example, your customer will click the tracking link from their email and be sent to your Tracking Page with the Tracking Number preloaded into the Tracking Widget. The Tracking Widget will display a list of matching Carriers based on the Tracking Number format. Your customer will select the carrier they recognized from their email. This is the safest method.

In the Advanced Example, the Tracking Widget will automatically display the tracking results by attempting to detect the correct carrier. This may be more convenient and have a slightly better user experience. However, results may vary so it’s safer to let your customer choose the carrier. If you only ship with one carrier, then you can replace “carrier=auto” with “carrier=ups” or “carrier=”usps”, depending on which carrier you ship. A full list of Carrier Codes can be found here.


For more information, please reference this PDF:

It has been brought to our attention that on some mobile devices such as the iPhone, the email receipt sent out from PostalMate which contains the tracking number might be converted into a link (by the phone) to the carrier’s website.  We have contacted PostalMate and they will not fix this until they receive enough Feature Requests from their customers.  Please ask them to fix this problem by submitting a feature request here:

As always, if you need help, please contact us.