Tracking Widget

Getting Started

Step 1

Purchase a subscription by clicking here.


Step 2

In “My Account” click on “View My Website Keys“.


If you have not already created a Website Key, click “Create Website Key”.


Click the “Domains” tab and enter your primary domain.


If your website URL is, then your domain is:

Click “Create Website Key”.


Step 3

Go through each of the tabs and fill out the necessary information.


Be sure to click the “Activation” tab and select the License you just purchased.



Click “Save Changes”.


Final Step

You will now be shown the JavaScript that you will need to copy and paste onto your website.



On the “Embed Code” tab, click inside the text-area and the JavaScript will automatically be selected for you.  Right-click and select “Copy”.

Go to your website editor/CMS and paste the JavaScript anywhere you want the Tracking Widget to be displayed.

If you have a web person or agency that handles your website for you, just provide them with the JavaScript and let them know where you want it placed.

That’s it!


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Creating Links

To create a Tracking Link for inside an email or on an order history page, simply append “tn=[tracking number]” and/optionally “carrier=[carrier code]” as show in the examples below:

To display the Carrier Selection menu:

To specify the Carrier:

To Auto Detect the Carrier:

A list of Carrier Codes can be found here.

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PostalMate Integration

Integrate with PostalMate

If you use PC Synergy’s PostalMate software, you can integrate PackageMapping with the following steps:

The default tracking option in PostalMate is the Carrier’s website (Boo!).

Select “Other website (advanced)” to have tracking directed to your own website.


Other website (advanced):
The tracking number will link to whatever web page you specify, and be inserted into the proper place in the tracking feature. This is done by entering “%%TRKNO%%” into the URL.

If your website was “” and your Tracking Page was located at “/tracking” and you placed the PackageMapping Tracking Widget on your Tracking Page, then your tracking URL would be:

To automatically load the Tracking Number, you would append “?tn=%%TRKNO%%”.

Default Example:

To automatically load the Tracking Results using Automatic Carrier Detection, you would append “?carrier=auto&tn=%%TRKNO%%”.

Advanced Example:

Note: In the Default Example, your customer will click the tracking link from their email and be sent to your Tracking Page with the Tracking Number preloaded into the Tracking Widget. The Tracking Widget will display a list of matching Carriers based on the Tracking Number format. Your customer will select the carrier they recognized from their email. This is the safest method.

In the Advanced Example, the Tracking Widget will automatically display the tracking results by attempting to detect the correct carrier. This may be more convenient and have a slightly better user experience. However, results may vary so it’s safer to let your customer choose the carrier. If you only ship with one carrier, then you can replace “carrier=auto” with “carrier=ups” or “carrier=”usps”, depending on which carrier you ship. A full list of Carrier Codes can be found here.


For more information, please reference this PDF:

It has been brought to our attention that on some mobile devices such as the iPhone, the email receipt sent out from PostalMate which contains the tracking number might be converted into a link (by the phone) to the carrier’s website.  We have contacted PostalMate and they will not fix this until they receive enough Feature Requests from their customers.  Please ask them to fix this problem by submitting a feature request here:

As always, if you need help, please contact us.

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Auto Load Results

To load the Tracking Results automatically without passing the Tracking Number through the URL, you’ll need to dynamically change the JavaScript as shown below:


Replace the “var zcpmc_options = {};” part of JavaScript on your page with the following:

var zcpmc_options = {tn: ‘123456789’, carrier: ‘ups’};

To use the Auto Detect Carrier:

var zcpmc_options = {tn: ‘123456789’, carrier: ‘auto’};

To force the Carrier, but allow Tracking Number input from URL:

var zcpmc_options = {carrier: ‘auto’};


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Web Service API

API Introduction

To access our web service API, you’ll first need to purchase a plan that supports web service access. You can purchase a plan here.

The web service is a RESTful API which is compatible with JSON and XML formats.  We recommend using the JSON format as it is a smaller payload and is not strongly typed as is XML.  However, we provide both formats for your preference.

Please make sure to keep your Web Service Key / API-Key private and in a safe place that is not accessible to unauthorized users or made public.  DO NOT share your Web Service Key / API-Key.  If someone else uses your Web Service Key they will abuse your available tracks and your account may be disabled.

DO NOT USE JavaScript to make calls to our web service since the Web Service Key would have to be stored in a publicly accessible area.  All web service calls to our API should be done from server side code such as C# or PHP.

You can view the API help page here.

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Carrier Codes

Below is a list of currently supported Carrier Codes and corresponding Carrier labels.  You will need the Carrier Code in various situations when using the API.

  • amazon Amazon Logistics
  • australiapost Australia Post
  • axlehire AxleHire
  • canadapost Canada Post
  • cdl CDL Last Mile Solution
  • dhl DHL
  • dhlglobalmail DHL Global Mail
  • fdm FDM
  • fedex FedEx
  • gso General Logistics Systems US (f.k.a. Golden State Overnight)
  • hermesuk Hermes UK
  • landmarkglobal Landmark Global
  • lasership LaserShip
  • lso Lone Star Overnight
  • ontrac OnTrac
  • pcf PCF Final Mile Delivery
  • pitneybowes Pitney Bowes
  • purolator Purolator
  • puropost PuroPost
  • rrdintl RR Donnelley International Services
  • speedee Spee-Dee Delivery Service
  • ups UPS
  • upsmi UPS Mail Innovations
  • usps United States Postal Service

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Activity Statuses

Will Pickup
Out For Delivery
In Transit
Delivery Exception
Information Received
Delivery Attempted
At Pickup
Picked Up
At Carrier Facility
Returned To Shipper
Tendered To Partner Carrier
At Custom Clearance Department

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