I get a lot of feedback from my customers regarding the Package Mapping service. People really appreciate the clear visibility that your tracking service provides. They really like seeing the mapping feature showing their package from origin to destination or points in between. I find it a very nice feature to include in my tracking services that my customers can utilize.

Very Clean Site. Easy to Navigate. Great package tracking vehicle...best I've seen so far!

Allen Haile

Absolutely love this site, it has saved me hundreds of dollars worth of lost packages because they were found when tracking on this site. There was no disputing the arrival of a package from an eBay sale, the buyer can no longer rip off the seller. It's a great effective tool for the eBay seller, buyer, and even eBay dispute resolutions because everyone can clearly see if the package has been shipped or not. Usually the case is that the buyer DID receive the package even though they are claiming they did not. This saves the seller time and lots of money. Just refer the buyer to this site and their complaint goes away. They know you are smarter than the average person who doesn't know about this site. No more eBay rip-off artists. Yippee!!

Package Mapping has been an excellent addition to our website. The product is easy for our customers to use and more importantly it drives our customers to our website, creating an excellent marketing tool. I recommend Package Mapping as a valuable addition to your store website and marketing program.

A really nice looking and working solution with excellent support. Highly recommended.

Great site! I love seeing where my shipments are this way.


The best Website Graphical Package Tracking software we have used. Setup is quick with many options that lets you customize as needed. Responsive customer support. Highly recommended !

I got information on TWO of my 3 parcels for USPS that USPS had no info for even though the info was a week old! This is GREAT for USPS deliveries when you live in Canada and need info FAST! Thank You PackageMapping.com!


This site is by far the best package tracking service out there. I honestly cannot think of anything that could be improved, as the service is perfect the way it is.
Recently, I was able to track a package that was mis-routed and arrived at my location 3 days late. I contacted the shipper regarding the issue and was armed with detailed information concerning my package.
"PackageMapping" is an indispensable program for me, as I receive packages almost every week, sometimes from multiple shippers. Being able to track each package from one site is great and saves a lot of time. Thank you for an awesome service.

Jens “Rudi” Randolff

Absolutely love this site, it's very beneficial for my business because it let's my clients track their packages. Also, it allows clients to navigate through my website and see other services. And last but not least, the service that PackageMapping provides is outstanding!! Great tool and Great service.

The web site is simple, clean, and uncluttered with pizzazz. It is easy to navigate and use. The user does not need to drill down or search for feature(s) I need to access. Works like a charm, like you would like it to.